Short and Sweet. The travails of a post XP Microsoft

This article on Microsoft is sad, and I don’t usually have much empathy for Microsoft. While I don’t see impending doom for our friends up in Redmond. I do worry that they have yet to find any true resonance with releases of Windows after XP. I am not going to pretend to have any real answers. If that was the case, I’d be a rich man.

XP is hanging around because it’s reliable, it possesses a simple albeit inelegant UI, and, relative speaking, few features. It’s the last of those mentioned which I wonder about. XP is an operating system, i.e.,software designed to run the hardware and enable applications to run. Every subsequent release has included more and more “features’. I ve aways believed that operating systems  were just that. Operating Systems.I hope, for the industry’s sake Microsoft figures it out.

Maybe, just maybe, Microsoft ought to go and interview all of those folks who are holding on to XP. That insight might valuable.

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