Lost in Translation, Tablets are just fine even when sales are down

At the end of Q2 2014, I recall reading here and here  that while iPad sales were off , MBP and iPhone sales were up a little, or at least enough to cover the shortfall in iPad sales. A similar phenomenon was reported across the industry in general,i.e. laptop sales were up. This got me to thinking about tablets in general , and why they are brilliant devices  and at the same time being cast as the square peg destined for the elliptical hole by a lot of consumers.

As we collectively watch successively more  powerful tablets surface; yes, pun intended.I have  to wonder if people aren’t missing the point of these devices. Tablets are great devices for consuming.They aren’t designed to be real good at  producing. At least based on current tablet OS capabilities.OK,you can add an external keyboard and voila, a netbook-lite emerges. I offer that that tablets, as originally envisioned are just fine.They’re great for reading, simple message response, purchases;you know all the stuff that most of us do with them presently. They are NOT, however, great for writing the next great American novels, or any other long form content production.That’s ok.

I am not worried about tablets in their current incarnation, and you’ll never see an external keyboard attached to mine. That’s what my laptop is for.

Those early tablet producers (Microsoft included) had it right and Apple’s entry into market reinforced the notion. Tablets are great, portable , computing devices fulfilling a particular need. They are not however, a singular solution for all of ones computing. So let’s move on, it’s ok to whip out that laptop when you commence writing that great epic tome you’ve been ruminating on. I promise, I’ll download the e-version and read it on my tablet when you’re done.


Goodnight moon

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