KCRW + Internet = Music Heaven

Since about 2000 which was my last serious bout of “I wanna move back home to Los Angeles”. I have been listening to LA’s gem of a radio station KCRW. I lie to you not, nor is this any hometown hyperbole. KCRW flat out is, for people like me who have musical tastes which span from Britten to vintage NWA, from Andrew Hill to DJ Sasha, the best source on air going. Couple that with the ability to search out artists heard there and use the jazz music aficionado’s (of which I am one) trick of searching out the entire band lineup for work they might have done elsewhere via the internet, and yes, you too can spend countless hours in something way more productive and individual in spirit then trolling Facebook of algorithmically based music tastes. Here are two examples of tuneage I came to just in the last two days Submotion Orchestra’s Trust/Lust and Hiatus Kaiote’s Laputa

That is all

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