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So what exactly did Facebook Open Source for Deep Learning HW

Facebook recently announced it was open sourcing it’s AI/Deep Learning HW design, Big Sur.

I am not a member of OCP so it’s not clear I can get all of the documentation. However, from the way the industry media is falling over itself heralding this act of open sourcing it must be something compelling right.

In all of the articles I have read so far I have seen nothing of new processors, switch fabric ASICS etc… That is not to say that motherboard level design is trivial however I would have expect something more significant based on the column inches I have pawed through in the last two days

Maybe someone can help me understand what I am missing

New Pschidt

First, the music.

Gots to here this one, Divine Fo Sho.

I can’t remember if I shared that after 31 years, I have finally left the hw development space. I am now officially in IT. Whoa, who knew.The internet is run on some clever and at the same time REALLY janky software. Life was so much more secure in the nice tight little  box that is a hardware engineer’s own private Idaho of an environment.

Also, I have decided that after 31 years of bearing witness and on occasion contributing,it is time to give back. I will be putting out my own podcast called “Bits Of Color”. it will be an accessible (for lay people relative to engineering types) podcast explaining hardware and software and  hopefully adding some additional insight. I WON’T be prognosticating on trends; at least I’ll try not to tempting as that is. With that said, I am a long time Apple fanboi so I if there is a bias, you will find it leaning in that direction.

The first episode of my p’cast can be found here on this site July 12. I’ll be talking about CPUs, what is and what is NOT possible.

Just for fun:

The French are smarter than we are

Been pulling’ for Marissa. I got’s to wonder though

You sure you want to go to the Magic Kingdom now ?

Homie has a weak chin

Given that KP DP’ed her, do you blame her

This Photo is such a lie. We all know millennials don’t really collaborate with gray-haired folk. What could they possibly offer ?

Short and Sweet. The travails of a post XP Microsoft

This article on Microsoft is sad, and I don’t usually have much empathy for Microsoft. While I don’t see impending doom for our friends up in Redmond. I do worry that they have yet to find any true resonance with releases of Windows after XP. I am not going to pretend to have any real answers. If that was the case, I’d be a rich man.

XP is hanging around because it’s reliable, it possesses a simple albeit inelegant UI, and, relative speaking, few features. It’s the last of those mentioned which I wonder about. XP is an operating system, i.e.,software designed to run the hardware and enable applications to run. Every subsequent release has included more and more “features’. I ve aways believed that operating systems  were just that. Operating Systems.I hope, for the industry’s sake Microsoft figures it out.

Maybe, just maybe, Microsoft ought to go and interview all of those folks who are holding on to XP. That insight might valuable.